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Volunteers Needed

For the Activities Department

We are looking for Individuals or Groups that would like to share their time and talents in the following ways:

  • Hosting dance or musical performances
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Bingo volunteer
  • Friendly visitor
  • Transport to activities, dining tables or to the lanai area for family visits.
  • Lead a group activity
  • Assist with arts/craft projects
  • Teach/educate a class
  • Decorate bulletin boards and activity/dining room
  • Prepare/set up/clean up activities
  • And more…

    Contact Person:

    Doris Hahn, LSW
    808-524-1955 Ext. 122
    Karen Dumayag, Resident Care Coordinator
    808-524-1955 Ext. 112

    2670 Pacific Heights Road Honolulu, HI 96813

    Requirements to Volunteer

    • TB clearance
    • Minors need parental written consent
    • Background check required for adults
    • Have reliable transportation to and from the nursing home
    • Be able to transport residents in wheelchairs safely
    • Be willing to learn, initiate, engage in activities with residents under the guidance of activity staff
    • Have patience, be a good listener, enjoy being with older people

    Benefits of being a volunteer:

    • You’ll gain life lessons from the older adult residents.
    • You’ll make new friends, both with staff you meet and the residents.
    • You will add job experience to your resume.
    • You will gain personal fulfilment out of helping others.
    • You’ll learn valuable skills in compassion, patience, and understanding.
    • You will enrich the lives and home of our residents.
    • You will learn about the aging process in older adults.
    • You will leave a lasting impression on the residents and families you’ve worked with.
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